Monthly Archives: September 2017

List of potential presents for my bday?

Coming up on September 19 is my 17th birthday (just revealed my age), and I don’t usually ask for presents. Anymore, at least. I stopped asking around the age of 14 or 15 because I don’t really feel like I deserve anything. If I need something, then I pay for it with my own money. I feel bad when others spend a considerable amount of money on me, unless I have earned it. And I definitely didn’t earn it back then, with my terrible grades. In any event, now that I’ve turned my life around, I decided that there are a few things I want for my birthday. First on the list is a sound bar, because I desperately want one.

I always forget that I have money and can buy things for myself. I’ll save money if I just have other people buy me things. I got these cool speakers for $5 each that aren’t bad, plus there’s two of them so I just plugged them into my TV and now I have surround sound. However, if I get a sound bar as well, I can just use a headphone splitter and plug both of them in at once. Then I can watch my blu-ray copy of Godzilla and shake the house whenever my mom’s not home. Next up is a headset that I can plug into my controller, which is any headset really. PS4 controllers just have a simple headphone jack on the bottom, and as long as your headphones have a mic, you can talk to other people who are playing with you.

The last thing I want is a computer to play games on, which is probably the only thing I’ll get this year. I told my mom that everyone could just pool their money, and then they wouldn’t have to buy anything else. A laptop at Fred Meyers was only about $300, so if she gathered 5 people then they’d only have to spend $60 each. That sounds like a lot, but you have to realize how much family I have. I can just split the difference if they can’t all afford it. Maybe I can convince all of my buddies at the Dog Day Care, since they have this new influx of clients. I’m upgrading everything in my room now that I have money. After all this stuff comes the next big TV. Maybe I’ll get one of those high-tech curved TVs?