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The Updated Top Four Restaurants in Orlando So Far

orlando restaurant tabla indian

Lots of new restaurants have cropped up in Orlando lately, and so my favorites have shifted as well. Some old restaurants, and some new. You’ll have to read to the end of my reviews to find out which places you should start eating, and I guarantee that nobody reading this article will be disappointed with my selections.

orlando italian restaurant steakhouse

What better Orlando restaurant to start off the review with than a steakhouse? Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse essentially combines two types of high-end restaurants, and fuses the best aspects of both. Here’s you’ll be dining just outside of Williamsburg in Orlando. Whether you’re into spaghetti, fettucini alfredo, or steak, you can’t go wrong with the menu. I’m certain that the food here would be just as good if the owner has chosen to specialize in either steak or Italian.

Seeing as how the owner was trying to emulate the feel of a very classy restaurant from New York City without the price, it’s a given that the food is just as good as one. Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse clearly only hires the best of the best when it comes to chefs, and they really care about the food they make. The menu is very large, so there’s just about something for everyone. There’s also a section for vegans, so there’s no such thing as a picky eater here.

Next time I stop by, I need to make sure to ask the owner where the chefs get all of their ingredients from. Maybe it’s just how great the chefs are at what they do, but everything tastes really fresh. Nothing tastes like it just came out of a can and got reheated right before they dumped it on your plate. I appreciate the quality, because there’s too may restaurants nowadays that don’t care about the customers at all.

Even if you’re more of a connoisseur, Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse serves amazing desserts. The pumpkin cheesecake and cappucino pie are to die for, and rank among my favorites. My favorite entree to order is Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse’s veal marsala, which is always cooked to perfection. If I was going to start a restaurant of my own, I would likely attempt to poach a lot of the chefs from this restaurant.

Not a lot of restaurants can pull off veal marsala, and I had no idea Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse served it until I asked the waitress. Speaking of the wait staff, they deserve a special review of their own. Not once has my glass gone completely empty, and whenever I have a question there’s always an attentive waiter or waitress right there to help me. On multiple occasions, I have asked the owner what kind of cleaning products he purchases to make the restaurant so beautiful on the inside.

He always replies with something witty or cheeky, but I know it all comes down to the experienced wait staff. If you want a real example from a story, then I’ll tell you about the time I went inside the kitchen. Everything was so shiny and sparkly that I thought I was in a UFO from an episode of the Twilight Zone or something!

I need to get ahold of whatever Orlando hood cleaning company Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse is working with, because they left that exhaust hood spotless. Amazing restaurant overall. Don’t just take my word for it, though. Read all of Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse’s positive reviews online and confirm what I’m saying. I don’t have anything negative to say about this restaurant in Orlando because there is nothing bad you can say about it.

orlando restaurant mexican taco

The next restaurant I’ll be talking about is equally as good, but now I don’t have to use as many words because it has already been all summed up. This restaurant is located just south of Lake Jessamine in Orlando. Bugambilias is a very unique restaurant, serving unique food for a unique taste. Don’t be scared about ordering things you have never tried before, like cactus for example. I had no idea that cactus tasted so good!

Each one of the tacos has its own great taste, prompting me to try each and every one. The food is all very filling, so this is a great restaurant for families to try out. If there’s one thing Bugambilias does right, it’s the ambience. Lots of windows create natural lighting, and the restaurant maintains its the lighting even though it tends to get packed during rush hour. I’m not surprised at how busy it gets, and the chefs and wait staff never seem to get stressed out.

Not a lot of restaurants can boast about this, but Bugambilias offers great accommodations for children and the elderly. I have seen the waiters handle cranky old men like they do it every day, and they’re always quick to make sure families or large groups have the proper baby chairs for their children. I’ll always remember the time that my waitress wouldn’t let me sit down until she wiped the table down first.

You guys can tell that I eat here a lot, with so many stories to share about the restaurant. Having your waiters care that much about your experience only makes it better, and provides the customers with a reason to keep coming back just like I have. For people that are curious to learn more info about Bugambilias, look online on yelp and google to read each one of the many great online reviews.

orlando chinese restaurant

Last but not least, I have to make sure that I talk about Tabla Indian Chinese & Thai. There, you’ll find yourself eating in Windhover in Orlando. Delmonico’s Steakhouse offers lots of quality dishes, but Tabla has the best dishes to share with others. I eat out with my girlfriend a lot, and the Asian dishes they serve always come with a lot of food to take home as leftovers. You’ll definitely be taking the majority of it home, because all the noodles are super filling.

Indian food also happens to contain a lot of curry, which is one of my personal favorites. Tabla Indian Chinese & Thai’s chefs know how to make magic with their curry, and the food here is traditional as opposed to something life P.F. Chang’s, that’s more American than anything. Both my girlfriend and I left amazing reviews online, and we have always encouraged our friends to do so as well.