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List of potential presents for my bday?

Coming up on September 19 is my 17th birthday (just revealed my age), and I don’t usually ask for presents. Anymore, at least. I stopped asking around the age of 14 or 15 because I don’t really feel like I deserve anything. If I need something, then I pay for it with my own money. I feel bad when others spend a considerable amount of money on me, unless I have earned it. And I definitely didn’t earn it back then, with my terrible grades. In any event, now that I’ve turned my life around, I decided that there are a few things I want for my birthday. First on the list is a sound bar, because I desperately want one.

I always forget that I have money and can buy things for myself. I’ll save money if I just have other people buy me things. I got these cool speakers for $5 each that aren’t bad, plus there’s two of them so I just plugged them into my TV and now I have surround sound. However, if I get a sound bar as well, I can just use a headphone splitter and plug both of them in at once. Then I can watch my blu-ray copy of Godzilla and shake the house whenever my mom’s not home. Next up is a headset that I can plug into my controller, which is any headset really. PS4 controllers just have a simple headphone jack on the bottom, and as long as your headphones have a mic, you can talk to other people who are playing with you.

The last thing I want is a computer to play games on, which is probably the only thing I’ll get this year. I told my mom that everyone could just pool their money, and then they wouldn’t have to buy anything else. A laptop at Fred Meyers was only about $300, so if she gathered 5 people then they’d only have to spend $60 each. That sounds like a lot, but you have to realize how much family I have. I can just split the difference if they can’t all afford it. Maybe I can convince all of my buddies at the Dog Day Care, since they have this new influx of clients. I’m upgrading everything in my room now that I have money. After all this stuff comes the next big TV. Maybe I’ll get one of those high-tech curved TVs?

Famous people from the United Kingdom

Have you ever seen an interview for one of your favorite actors and it turns out that they’re actually British? I haven’t, because I always do my research before an actor truly earns my trust and respect. It’s a real process, you know. Some people may not know this, but Tom Holland, the actor portraying Peter Parker/Spiderman in the new movie “Spiderman: Homecoming” is really from the United Kingdom. Monty Python was also from the United Kingdom. Born in 1943, he lived for 71 years until his eventual death in 2014. Just kidding, he wasn’t actually a person. Monty Python was a sketch series developed and written by multiple people from the United Kingdom, including John Cleese who is probably one of the greatest comedy writers of all time.

I have a buddy down at the best reno chiropractic clinic who loves John Cleese. A lot of people confuse Irish actors for English actors, and sometimes the difference baffles me too. Michael Fassbender, for example, was born in Germany and speaks fluent German yet he’s Irish and has a perfect English accent. Maybe he’s just an extremely good actor. Michael Fassbender has starred in a lot of movies, with his first one being 300. Since then, he has starred in Frank, X-men: Days of Future Past, Prometheus, and the recent summer blockbuster Alien: Covenant. Cillian Murphy is another example, currently starring in the TV series Peaky Blinders. He also happens to be Irish, but doesn’t sound like it at all.

However, he does have an extremely convincing American accent in Batman Begins when he portrays Scarecrow, so I don’t blame him for being good. Next up is Gary Oldman, who happened to be in all three of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Gary Oldman is actually such ¬†good actor that he has lost his original accent on multiple occasions and had to undergo speech coaching so that he could regain his original accent. Michael Caine might be one of the most recognizable actors, mostly since he’s been around for so long and he’s been in so many movies. Thank all of you for your time