Running out of things to say

This one’s gonna be more of a random post, because I already wrote two posts today so I’m out of stuff to say. First up is that I need to write Steph back. She sent me a letter in the mail and it arrived like a week ago, so now I need to send her one in return. We’re gonna add “pen pals” to our list of accomplishments on our resumes. I’m gonna write it in invisible ink, and then if her mom tries to read it, it’ll just look like I sent her a blank piece of paper. I should send her a blank piece of paper as a joke, and then send her actual letter a day later. I could write about how easy it is to start a business in Vegas. She and I could move there, and then start our own awesome las vegas short term rental special use permit business.

Just to make her mad, because I love teasing her. The actual contents of the letter won’t matter, though. I could send her a lock of my hair and she’d still be satisfied. Last year for her bday I got her a mickey mouse birthday card that comes with a watch that sings to you. All I got in return was a letter. Women, am I right? I already did a lot for her this summer, like introducing her to all new stuff and buying tons of stuff. We went to the movies a few times (both theater and drive-in), got a bunch of junk food and drinks from a convenience store, bought a few games, walked around target trying to find laser pointers, and even went to Bower’s Mansion.

That was one of the first articles I wrote this summer, was about Bower’s Mansion. I still always think of Bowser’s Mansion from the Mario video games. But now that I’ve already done all of this, I have to figure out some way to top it all next summer. Maybe Steph and I can run away from home, become roommates, and explore the world before summer ends. I would definitely go to another country with her, but I’d be nervous unless I knew exactly what we were going to do each day, and where it was. My mom’s a good traveling companion, because she’s travelled to so many different places

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